Training Workshops for hedgelaying

As a professional hedgelayer and comitted to keeping the craft alive, I hold training workshops.
These workshops are for the beginner and are a basic learning of the craft from choice of wood to binding.
There are differrent styles of hedgelaying  depending where you live in the world, yes the world.
Here in South Yorkshire the style tends to be of  a Derbyshire and midland, Derbyshire no binders midland with binders,
we then can have the Yorkshire style which we find mainly in the Yorkshire Plains this is around the city of York.
The photographs attached to the post is of a past workshop when the Yorkshire Branch of the D.S.W.A
They found a wall in the lower Pennine Hills. This was a ''QUICK'' hedge, one that has not been layed.
(Layed as layed a hedge NOT as laid  with someone or laid in bed)
The length of hedge was approximately 80 metres, there being enough for the amount of wallers that wanted to attend.

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